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real dry leaf 18k gold plated pendant with 5 mukhi Rudraksha

Product Code: RJTC0033
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This is a very unique, extraordinary and fashionable necklace for your loved one. Its made of real leaf that is gold plated after drying and rare 5 Faced Rudraksha seeds and few attractive small golden beads are used to make the necklace more attractive and fashionable. The leaf pendant is irregular shaped and very gorgeous and made of natural botanical leaf as seen on the images above. The clasp in the necklace is toggle in style and the metal of the clasp is alloy, its heart in shape and golden in color. Get a great selection of Necklace and other Botanical Jewellery and accessories with Herbal Jewellery.

  • Material: Real dry leaf gold plated botanical pendant; 5 Mukhi Rudraksha;
  • Product Length: 22 inches;
  • Clasp Type: Golden color heart shape toggle clasp;
  • The leaf is plated in 18K gold and has been so delicately dipped to show every vein and marking of the original leaf pattern so clearly. Its beautiful!
  • Leaf pendant is made of Natural Real Dry Leaf with 18K Gold Plating;
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